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A message about Covid 19 Vaccines

Posted 11 months ago by Pamela DiNapoli

New Hampshire Nurses Association representing the interests of NH nurses recommends that nurses be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and associated variants.  And while it is not the role of NHNA to mandate vaccines, we support health care organizations that establish policies for their employees that are consistent with all immunization recommendations from public health officials.

NHNA urges nurses to be fully educated about the efficacy and safety of this vaccine.  We continue to make every effort to provide up to date information on our website in attempt to counter any misinformation that may be circulating.  Our president Carlene Ferrier recently submitted an editorial “The Essence of Nursing Practice is to Protect the Public.”  The editorial was widely published in the print media.  (Follow the link below to view the article). President Ferrier urges all nurses to “follow the science.”  Although the voices opposing the vaccine seem louder than those supporting it, nearly 90% of nurses in the state are vaccinated.   

NHNA supports the nurses of NH and understands the stress that this pandemic has caused.  We have been consistent in our message that vaccination is a choice, but one that we urge all nurses to make to protect themselves, their patients and their community.  We urge nurses to disengage from the divisive discourse that has become a politicized vaccine issue and make your decision about vaccination based on science.  Visit our website for the most up to date information.

The essence of nursing practice is to protect the public