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Workplace Violence and Aggression

Posted 11 months ago by Pamela DiNapoli

The NH Healthcare Violence Prevention Workgroup is proud to have collaborated with The Occupational Health Surveillance Program at the UNH Institute on Disability on a new initiative to uncover the realities of violence impacting New Hampshire health care providers. The first stage of this effort focused on a pilot study of health care providers serving many of New Hampshire’s communities. Among the key findings:


  • 73% (N=219) of responding healthcare providers experienced some form of violent incident during the previous six months, including verbal, physical, harassment, intimidation, or sexual aggression.
  • Over half of the violent events occurred during patient care (53% of 159), while over one in four (30%) occurred during medication administration.
  • Only two-thirds of those impacted by aggression had reported the incident (68% of 157)
  • 62% (N=213) of health care staff reported that they did not feel protected from the threat of violence at work.


Download the study here: DOWNLOAD STUDY

If you are interested in learning more about the group’s future efforts concerning workplace violence prevention in health care, please contact Peter Antal at or Pam DiNapoli at