New Hampshire Nurses Association

Enrollment is open for ANA Mentorship Program

Posted 3 months ago by Paula Mackinnon

Enrollment is now open for the ANA Mentorship Program Class of 2019-2020. 

  • Enroll Today! Participate as a Mentee, and we’ll match you to a more experienced RN for career advice.
  • Participate as a Mentor, and you can help other nurses navigate their career path.


ANA has made this year's program even stronger by:
  • Extending the program to 8 months to give you more flexibility and additional time to benefit from this valuable learning experience.
  • Guided Connection Plans that include instructions and reminders for setting goals and scheduling meetings throughout the 8-month program.
  • ANA Online Community discussion group, where the Online Community Moderator will post suggestions to help mentees and mentors get the most out of this experience, and will facilitate discussions so participating nurses can advise and support each other. 
  • A mobile app to help keep you connected with your mentoring partner and gives you easy access to your guided plans. As a Mentor, this app can help you easily schedule meetings with your Mentee. As a Mentee, this app allows you to conveniently keep track of your goals.