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Student Loan Refinancing-Special Offer

Posted 8 months ago by Joan Widmer

New Hampshire Nurses Association's student loan refinancing partner, Splash Financial, asked us to pass news along to our members. They are offering a significant cash bonus for refinancing student loans through Splash from now through July 15.  Refinancing to a lower interest rate can help our members, and their family members, save thousands of dollars on their student loans.

Cash bonus amounts increase with loan size:

  • $300 for refinancing $30,000 or more
  • $500 for refinancing $50,000 or more
  • $1000 for refinancing $100,000 or more

Click to see if you qualify and get your rate.  Checking your rates only takes a few minutes, won’t affect your credit score.  You can forward this email to any of your family, friends or colleagues who might be helped by this special promotion as well!


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