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Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation: See What is New

Posted about 1 year ago by Joan Widmer

Have you heard of ANA’s Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation?  It is multi-year initiative to improve the health of the nation’s nurses and ultimately to improve the health of the nation – it is population health in practice.

Did you know that NHNA is a Champion of HNHN?  NHNA teamed up with the New Hampshire Action Coalition and Sigma Theta Tau, Epsilon Tau Chapter to become Champion of HNHN?

Have you joined HNHN yet?  If you haven’t it is a simple process.  Click on this link from the NHNA website: Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation Information and then select the Join Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation tab.

Once you complete your health profile (it takes about 10 minutes) your information will be aggregated into our quarterly organizational report showing how healthy we NH nurses are.  The July and October Quarterly reports are posted to the above webpage.  We also post bi-weekly reports from the HNHN staff, check them out as well.

Also check out the HNHN Year One Highlights Report.  Note that NHNA’s Health Nurse Scholarship 5K is mentioned on page 2 of this report: Year One Highlights 2017-2018


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