New Hampshire Nurses Association

Announcing NHNA's Partnership with Splash Financial

Posted 10 months ago by Joan Widmer

The New Hampshire Nurses Association (NHNA) is pleased to announce our partnership with Splash Financial.  Splash Financial helps college graduates save money by refinancing their federal and private student loans to interest rates as low as 3.25% fixed APR.  You can quickly see your rates and savings and apply online at  Or you can speak to their friendly customer service team by calling 1-800-349-3938 or scheduling a 15 minute loan consultation at  Splash will help you review your current loans, understand the difference between federal and private loans, and see what kind of savings are available for you.

NHNA members and their families {yes, you can help your spouses and grown children refinance their college debt} can be eligible for a cash bonus by refinancing through this link: while also supporting the association.