New Hampshire Nurses Association

Call for Nominations

Posted 11 months ago by Joan Widmer

As a member of the New Hampshire Nurses Association (NHNA), you have an opportunity to determine the leadership of the organization.  NHNA relies on the volunteer contributions of its members to serve on its Board of Directors and Commissions.  The Board of Directors contributes to the development and implementation of the NHNA Strategic Plan and Annual Business Plans, recruits new members, represents NHNA locally and nationally and supports the work of the organizations various Commissions.  Commission members serve to further the work of the various commissions.

Members can nominate themselves or another member to one of the open positions on the Board or Commission.  Three Board positions will open in January 2019: the President Elect, the Secretary and one Director at Large positon.  We are fortunate to have one candidate for each of this position at this time, but welcome additional nominations for these important positions (more information regarding Board positions can be found on the NHNA website at:

Current nominees, as identified by the NHNA Committee on Nominations, include:

  • President Elect: Jan Deziel
  • Secretary: Pamela Kallmerten (current secretary)
  • Director at Large: Carmen Petrin (currently a Director at Large)

NHNA is also seeking nominations for members for the Commission on Government Affairs and the Commission on Nursing Practice.  There are three or four openings on each Commission.  Members serve for a period of two years.  More information regarding the Commissions and the work they do can be found on the NHNA website at:

Nominations will be open from September 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018.  Any member interested in one of these leadership opportunities should complete an Intent-to-Serve form, located at  Any questions should be directed to Joan Widmer, Nurse Executive Director at