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Posted 11 months ago by Joan Widmer

Pam DiNapoli, Chair of New Hampshire Nurses Association’s (NHNA) Commission on Government Affairs also serves on the New Hampshire Autism Council.  At a recent meeting of the Autism Council concern was expressed that perhaps not all New Hampshire health care providers were aware that Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a reportable condition and must be reported to the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services.  NHNA has decided to help spread the word through our network.  Reporting ASD helps the state plan necessary services.

More information regarding this reporting requirement can be found at RSA 171-A:30 and under state administrative rule HE-M 501.  This reporting requirement applies to all cases where a definitive diagnosis of ASD has been made.  The person with ASD must live in the state of New Hampshire at the time the diagnosis is made.

Here is a link to the online reporting form:


Sandra Pascucci 10 months ago

Hi Pam,
I have a grandson who is experiencing autism and will turn 21 next Apriil and age out of the Educational Support and enter the Adult support system. I also worked a total l of 6 years during deinstitutionalization at the Moore Center in the 1970's and 80's. I did testify at a hearing this past spring re: the need to fund the wait list. I plan to actively advocate for the needs/supports for the developmentally challenged population of which Autism Spectrum Disorders are
a major part. I look forward to talking with you about this more. Congratulations on your appointment. I feel encouraged knowing you are there to represent us.

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