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NH Board of Nursing launches the Nursing License Monitoring Program!

Posted 11 months ago by Joan Widmer

The Board of Nursing and Trust Recovery Management wishes to announce a fabulous new program designed to assist nursing licensees/professionals in the State of New Hampshire with a valuable new benefit.

The New Hampshire Nursing License Monitoring Program (NHNLMP), a separate organization from the NH Board of Nursing, offers helpful, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable case management to assist and help nursing licensees/professionals who struggle with substance and alcohol misuse as well as other impairments.

In addition to substance use disorder or alcohol problems, guidance and help will be generously offered for impairing illnesses impairing illnesses such as depression or anxiety, burnout, or any medical condition that possibly affect nurses or nursing assistants. The goal of the NHLNMP is to provide referral services and case management to New Hampshire nursing licensees/professionals so that the helpers become and stay healthy.

The NHNLMP Case Manager’s primary role will be to link and connect nurses to evaluators who can determine if there is a problem that needs further addressing and treatment.  The NHNLMP will link the licensee with treatment providers of substance use disorder if found necessary,  and with mental health counseling, as well as medication management when appropriate.

Licensees who come forward, or those who are referred, seeking help will be assisted with finding real solutions that may include an evaluation, assessment, and associated treatment plans - all in a confidential and compassionate manner.

Once individuals sign up with NHNLMP they will be able to take advantage of an amazing opportunity to be part of a monitoring program designed to be compassionate and helpful in every way.  The majority of the time when participants stay compliant with the contract, they will not only receive the help they need to keep them healthy and coordinate their treatment program, but also most of the time receive advocacy for their continued practice and licensure.

The NHNLMP Case Managers have extensive knowledge of resources and support in the community that can be a great help to nurses; providing the support they need to achieve their recovery goals.

The NHNLMP provides:

  • Confidential consultation;
  • Referrals for assessment and treatment;
  • Recovery monitoring – The NHNLMP program monitors nursing licensees/professionals while in treatment and recovery; and,
  • Advocacy - The NHNLMP provides advocacy for nursing licensees/professionals to continue working when there is documentation of abstinence from alcohol and substance misuse.

For more information about RTMP Drug & Alcohol Case Management services, please contact us today!

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