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Claim Your Account Messaging

Posted about 1 year ago by Joan Widmer

Have you have noticed the following banner on the emails sent to you by NHNA?

Our records indicate that your account is unclaimed. Your account may have been created by a group that you belong to. Before continuing you will need to claim your account by setting a permanent password and reviewing your profile information.

Claim your account on Nursing Network

This is not spam.  It is a notice that you need to "set up" your account on the Nursing Network platform, the new platform hosting NHNA's website.

When you see this message, please click on the link to claim your account and then follow the prompts to create a password.  By Claiming Your Account on Nursing Network, you will be able to modify your profile, follow other associations, and eventually, communicate with other members.  After you claim your account, you will not see this message again.  

We hope this clarifies any confusion.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Dan Cohen, at Nursing Network (888-722-4832, x700) or reach out to us at NHNA.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday.


Arlene Halsted 10 months ago

can you tell me if my NHNPA membership is current. I would like to have an invoice and renew if I am due. thanks.

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