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Governor Signs Bill for Nurses

Posted about 1 year ago by Joan Widmer

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Signing HB1571 (2.3 MB)

On June 18th, Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 1571: AN ACT authorizing an alternative recovery monitoring program for nurses licensed by the board of nursing.  This bill authorizes the board of nursing to operate or contract for an alternative recovery monitoring program for nurses impaired by substance use disorders or mental or physical illness.  This bill seeks to create a culture for more timely referral to recovery programs for nurses.

Impaired practice is acknowledged by national organizations including the American Nurses Association and National Council State Boards of Nursing.  Alternative to discipline programs assist peers by advocating treatment, remove impaired nurses from practice faster than traditional discipline programs and advocate for nurses return and wellbeing in the workplace (Monroe & Kenaga, 2010).  Alternative recovery monitoring programs involve a structured plan for recovery and monitoring that promotes public protection, safe practice and health.  Monitoring includes random drug screening and daily check-ins, weekly peer support groups,
monthly reports and workplace monitoring.

This bill was support by the New Hampshire Nurses Association and the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioners Association.  Many thanks to the bill's sponsors and champions Rep. Howard Moffett (Merr. 9), Rep. Carol McGuire (Merr. 29), Rep. Polly Campion (Graf. 12), Rep. Lucy Weber (Ches. 1), Rep. Karen Umberger (Carr. 2), Sen. John Reagan (Dist 17), Sen. Bob Giuda (Dist 2), and Sen. Martha Hennessey (Dist 5).  Thanks also to Denies Nies and the NH Board of Nursing for working diligently to help draft the language of the billl and their support throughout the legislative process.  And a very special thanks to Sandi Pascucci for championing this effort, speaking so eloquently to legislators on the need for this bill throughout the legislative process.  

Pictured here at the signing are, from left to right, front row: Denies Nies (BON), Samantha O'Neil (BON), Rep Kevin Scully, Governor Chris Sununu, Rep Howard Moffett, Sandi Pascucci.  Back row: Pam DiNapoli (NHNA), Jennifer Thompson (NHNPA), Rep Anne Copp, Rep Don Gorman, Joan Widmer (NHNA), Rep Polly Campion.


Margaret Walker about 1 year ago

Thank you all for this successful effort on behalf of nursing in NH.

Ann Slatkiewicz 12 months ago

I am sure the nursing community will appreciate this effort.

Barbarajo Bockenhauer 11 months ago

A strong message of support for nurses -- as usual, from the NHNA!

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